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For several Bike Models (VFR / CBR 600F) Honda sells heated Grips on their accesoires list .

I can understand that they don't do this for the 954, because it's a sportbike.
But would it be possible to fit a pair of Honda OEM heated grips to a 954, without to much adjustion ?

Someone has experiance with this?

Or witch one would you recommend? :huh:


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puggy said:
Looks good, took me some time to find the switch too.

But I think its an on/off switch, don't you need an thermostat ?
No, it's a 3-way switch - off, low and high settings. The high setting is really hot, and above 50 degrees or so it will hurt. This morning, however, the high setting felt great. It was 35 degrees, and I wore my summer gloves. :cool: :thumb:
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