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I'm leaving for a short, but hopefully good holiday in Denmark/Germany and maybe the alps if the weather is good, and my walet can handle it

I will leave tomorow morning at 0400 local time, and return sometime in the first half of August.

I'm traveling with a friend from work who rides a Honda CB600s 'Hornet'. We will head straight for Nürburgring when we enter Germany and hopefully get a couple of laps on the Nordshleife. I have dreamt of going there since I started to ride a bike... There is supposed to be great roads in the area surrounding 'the ring' as well.

Really sorry that I don't have a video camera, but I will try to take some cool pictures for you ladies and gents..

Here is a pic of me and the guy I will be travelling with and our bikes (my old one that is..)
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