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I replaced my clutch plates and the springs on my 2004 Honda Shadow 600 Deluxe. When I did the work I used the required Honda tool and followed the service manual I ordered from Honda. The only thing the manual stated I didn't do was replace the spring washer.

My problem is this: after I replaced the plates and springs I reattached the clutch cable. Now there is no resistance on the clutch. I have the clutch cable adjusted all the way out and I can still move the arm on the case with my hand. It seems the plunger isn't hitting the pressure plate bolted to the springs. I reviewed the directions and I did everything right.

Could that spring washer cause this issue even though its not that thick and i can turn the "plunger" all the way out?

The manual said to tighten the pressure plate down to 9 ft pounds. Should I loosen the pressure plate until it touches?

This is the only thing keeping me off the road. Any help would be great.
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