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These suits are on sale all over for 150-200 bucks. I am on a tight budget and would like to do a few track days next summer. I am not going to start racing, not going to try and impress anyone. Just a track school/day or two... If I can afford to get everything I need and still pay for the school.

Will most places let me use a textile suit?
Would I want to?
Anyone know about this suit in particular?
Anyone with Joe Rocket stuff want to list what size they are and what size suit they have, I know I am in 44-48 range, these suits are closeout no return items and I have to get the right size.

Any info appreciated.

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I just ordered one off Ebay for $180.00. Granted, it's not leather, but for under $200, you can't beat it for occasional trackday use and canyon jaunt. This isn't the Phoenix Mesh material, I saw a razor suit at the last trackday and it is MUCH tighter and heavier duty material. Like I said, it's not going to offer the protection or longevity of leather, but if you get two or three crashes out of it, you got your money's worth.

You can run all but advanced groups with a textile suit. Since this one zips all the way around, most tracks will let you wear it in intermediate. Not sure about sizing, mine will be here in the next few days, but I ordered a size 52. I'm a big boy, wear a 3x in Phoenix jacket, but could probably wear a 2x, so that is why I went with the 52. Joe Rocket emailed an answer to pant sizes as well, size 52 suit will be size 42 pants.

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