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I emailed Aussie company "Draggin Jeans" after one of their
products failed to protect me due to not being fully-lined). I asked why their products were not fully lined like some of their competitors and as part of thier reply they wrote back that:

> [our competitors] use woven Kevlar....this is a no
> no for motorcyclists...woven kevlar as tested by us in a
> certified lab. lasted 250 cyles.....3 samples lasted a combined 750
> cycles...draggin jeans KNITTED kevlar lasted 2000 cycles.
> It must be knitted...woven is just no good...and it transfers heat to
> your skin....knitted dissipates the can read about knitted v`s
> woven on websites for motorcyclists.
> But woven is much cheaper.

What can you guys tell me about woven vs knitted aramid-fibre (kevlar) linings?
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