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Landuse and Access will be have two featured activities at the 2011 Griffin King of the Hammers.

Please share the info with anyone who might be attending KOH.

Event one is the Tuesday night Land Use Seminar. Event two is described here where folks can apply now.

Thanks, Del Albright

King of the Hammers Team Challenge – Best Prepared Trail Rig
Applications Due by Tuesday Feb. 8th - OPEN to KOH Participants and Spectators

EVENT: Wednesday Feb. 9th 6pm, Main Stage Hammer Town.
HOSTED by Del Albright, BlueRibbon Coalition Ambassador; Cal4 EA Coordinator; Access Army Grand Poobah

5 teams (at least) will be selected to participate. 4x4’s and Side-x-Side (UTV) rigs. Any team of up to four (4) folks can compete. It’s all for fun and a little fame, with a cool trophy from Raceline Wheels for the winning team. Also, several businesses have stepped up to provide swag, goodies, and freebies to participants and the audience.

HOW it WORKS: Put together a Team of your friends or club members who can be at the event on Wednesday Feb. 8th in time to compete at 6pm. This is a treasure hunt for goodies used on a trail ride. No driving necessary. Rigs will be parked.

Team Challenge Details:
Wednesday night Feb. 8th at 6pm, Main Stage, Hammer Town.

It will be a TEAM challenge and not just a CLUB challenge. However clubs can be a team. 4 folks max per rig; best prepared trail type rig; treasure hunt of things IN and ON the vehicle. Good lookin' chicks for judges (and a few old guys). In front of the crowd.

LUCKY PARTICIPANTS WILL BE DRAWN (and notified) Tuesday night Feb. 8th during the Land Use Workshop hosted by Del Albright.
Team Challenge participants will be posted in the KOH main booth.
Team Challenge rigs must be near the stage by 5:30pm, Wed. Feb. 9th, and checked in with John Stewart, Cal4 Resource Consultant.

Ok, there have to be rules, so here they are:
No trailers; items must be in or on the vehicle the whole time. You have to dig for everything. All participants must be in a safe condition to play the game. Fastest time to the judges with the proper item AS described by the emcee; it’s important to retrieve exactly what is called out.
No dangerous things like large metal objects or spare tires will be asked for. Safety briefing will precede Challenge.
Non-street legal as well as street legal rigs are ok, INCLUDING UTV’s (sidexside).

How to APPLY:
Apply online/email by sending the following information to [email protected]; or bring the info filled out hard copy to KOH and hand it in at the KOH Merchandise Booth, or to the Raceline Wheels booth, or bring it to the Land Use Seminar Tuesday. All applications must be in before the Land Use Seminar Tuesday night, 6pm – that is when we’ll draw the participants.

Please provide the following information (don’t worry if you don’t have your whole team assembled until you get there; we can add their names then).

RIG: (year, make model, type)
TEAM NAME: (make one up if you don’t have one yet).
BRIEFLY Describe what Team Members have done for landuse and access efforts:
Describe why your team should be selected:

Email Del for any more information or questions: [email protected]
More about King of the Hammers at
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