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Looking to get a lap timer for the bike. I have looked at so many styles even found one that is GPS and shows racing lines:idunno:. Just looking to get lap times. What is everyone running, and should I get a reciever only or the whole package? Where is the best deal on them?

XT seems to be the most popular one out there and Mychron is second it seems like.

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I like the simplicity of my Mychron Lite. No extra junk to mess with, just the laptimes is all I want.
I've also never set up my beacon. Not once, as there is always someone else out there setting up theirs. Many times you'll notice in the first session that you're picking up two signals and somone has to take one down.

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southpark460 said:
I'll be selling my XT timer with 50mm Lap Timer Holder here pretty soon. Timer, beacon, and download cable...
How soon? I am interested, Let me know.

Why are you getting rid of it? Thought you would want it for the RC?

I will send you a PM with my #'s
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