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I'm still looking into a 1-piece suit and race boots...Does anyone here have Motophoria gear (or know someone who does) who can tell me how it fits and holds up to wear?


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Here's the specs from their website:

M18001: Accelerator Race Suit
MSRP $699.99

1.5mm Drum Dyed Naked Leather.
Double Kevlar® Stitching.
Pre-Curved Track Ready Fit.
Fully Removeable, Washable Zip/Velcro Out Mesh Lining.
YKK Metal Zippers.
Velcro Tabs at Neck & Wrists (Zipper Locks).
Silver Dynax Padded Panel at Shoulders, Front & Back.
Front & Rear Zippered Vents.
Fixed "Scoop" Vents on Shoulders and Arms.
Leather Expansion Panels at Back & Knees.
3M Scotchlite™ Reflective Stripe on Sleeves.
CE Approved Armor at Shoulders, Elbow/Forearms, Knees, Hips, Back Protector Standard.
Velcro at Knees with Polymer Pucks.
Outer Knee Additional Optional Pockets for External Armor.
Stretch Nehru Collar.
Windflap with Pocket at Main Zipper.
Multi-Panel Sleeve Design.
Keprotec Kevlar® at Sleeve, Inner Thigh, and Back of Knees.
It doesn't say that it's cow leather, or state the weight of the hides ( 3 oz is the minimum Vanson or Barnacle Bill would use.. I don't know if the thickness is the most important factor, so maybe others will chime in.

Is the back protector removable so you can wear a really good one?

Also, the seams on the best suits are glued and double-or-triple sticched, and there's multiple layers in certain places.. You should contact the company to clarify these issues. If you're paying 700 for that, you might consider going a bit higher for a custom suit that is really well built.

One of the Joisey Boyz (R) had a similar looking suit at Grattan last year, but I don't recall the brand I had never heard of it. . It pretty much disintegrated on impact and he sustained some road rash. PM BillAce and see if you can get that info.

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They're right down the street from where I work. I would go with another brand. The fit on their jackets is a bit odd. Too tight with liner in, too loose with it out...either way never quite right. Gloves seem nice but I have not tried them, personally. Same with the boots, they look nice but I have not tried them. There are other brands that you can get for the same money that are more mainstream.

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For that price why not look at MotoGP leathers, which people say are pretty good. Don't know any specifics about either brand. Just throwing out ideas.
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