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The UPS man left a box for me on Thursday! My AGV Astra 1 piece suit and AGV Sebring boots arrived!

The suit is Italian-made, black/gunmetal/red. The Italian-made suits run smaller than the suits made in Pakistan. The quality is excellent, and I'm glad I ordered one size larger than I was thinking about ordering because they do run small. What a beautiful suit! I'd never seen this color scheme before I found it at Helmet Depot.

The AGV Sebring boots are also excellent in fit, finish, and comfort. I can't believe how much better these boots are than the crap I've been wearing. They fit perfectly, size 9, and feel very good on, with good range of motion while walking. I havn't used them on a ride yet, but I'm sure I'll have to get used to the feel of them while shifting.

Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with my purchase. Helmet Depot offers colors we don't normally see here in the States, and you can get these Italian-made suits at a great price. The customer service was excellent, and everything arrived in less than 5 days! They even moved on the closeout price listed on the site.

AGV Astra 1pc suit listed closeout price was $399.99. AGV Sebring boots listed closeout price was $149.99. I got the suit and boots for $500, including shipping. And, on top of that, I got a gift certificate for $50 at Helmet Depot that I have to use withing 30 days of purchase. What a deal! I'll be using the $50 to order gloves to match the outfit soon!
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