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Hello again thanks to all for your gracious greetings.I'll get to the point I live in jax.Fl. and the heat is ruff but I imagine its bad anywhere I really have been trying to get all the right riding gear I have not rode hard in about 12 years.I cant stand riding unprotected,of course I always wear a helmet bought a new Fulmer apache flat finish its beatiful and it just felt right when I slid it on I was given a Joe Rocket jacket but it is so bulky and the drag is horrible I'm 6'3" and 178 pounds I need suggestions on jackets,pants,and boots what the heck throw in some good glove ideas the point is to be covered up look good and be as cool as possible in this heat THanks to all and to all good ride!Got some money saved up but not alot Oh yeah my baby is a cbr 600 F4i 2003 black and silver or gray.:idunno:
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