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... picked up a lid, new in box, from a buddy who runs a booth at a flea market here locally in San Antonio (he gets them wholesale through Mexico)... it's a KBC Force RR Shadow model and while I must say the $55.00 I bought it for (yes, that's right, I paid $55.00 for a lid that retails for anywhere from $160.00-210.00 locally or on the net) is a fantastic price, I'm a little bit desiring in the finish of my new helmet. This is the first KBC I have ever owned, and while it has cool graphics and fits like a glove, there's a few issues with it in stock trim. First of all the clear shield which came with it is anything but optically correct unless I am looking straight forward, but it's not too bad and I am dealing with it. Second, the venting of the helmet is really, really lacking and the vent sliders are kind of on the cheap and wimpy side and I've noticed I have to be careful with them so they don't get broken off. Other than that it's a nice piece of equipment and I simply cannot bitch for the price I got it for. Just wanted to add my .02 cents concerning this product. KBC has been around awhile, so maybe I'll buy another one to compare with someday, or maybe I'll go back to HJC or try a HAWK next time... not too sure, and just thought some may want to know these few things before they buy.

Chris : )
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