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I just ordered one from Hondaline for $309.99 USD, free shipping.

I don't remember who posted this location to buy from, but thanks for the advice. I spoke to a Debbie there and she was very friendly & helpful.

She said it'll take up to a couple of weeks, but for that savings?? PPFFFFTTTT

I'll post when I get it.

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Re: New Lid, RF1000 Voltage TC2, it's here, YAHOOOOO

Got the lid Friday afternoon. Rode about 300 KM's with it this weekend, here's a report.

Please note I can only compare it to two helmetsI've had in the last 5 years (anything older than that just isn't fair to compare), the HJC CL-10 I had and my RF800, so keep that in mind. I've never worn an Arai, Shark, Suomy, etc while riding, so I can't compare.

Fit: It fits real nice, but quite a bit different from the 800. The cheek pads feel higher and it actually seems to be a bit shorter. It slips on nice and snug and feels better around the ears than the other two.

Weight: Much lighter. 'Nuff said.

Noise Level: Much quieter, depending on circumstances. With vents closed, it's super quiet. Obviously as you open the vents the noise increases, but with all vents open, it's still quieter than the 800 with vents closed. With all vents open on the 1000, noise increases almost to a whistle as you turn your head (I never noticed this on either the HJC or the 800), but not to an abusive level. Also, if you put your hand in front of the helmet while moving about 80+ kms/hr, noise increases. This says alot about the aerodynamics of the helmet. One thing I did notice is I can hear the "timing whirr" on my Triumph up to 100 kms/hr. I never heard that before while moving. That may be due to the reduced wind noise, and maybe some to the less padding over the ears.

Venting: It has 5 vents. One under the chin that opens more than any other helmet I've ever had on. Unfortunately, this does let some bugs in. There are two vents over the eyebrows that let in alot of air, but are a bit hard to open while riding with gloves on. There are two more holes under the wing on the back of the helmet. Overall, a very cool helmet while moving at any speed but heats up quick in city traffic situations.

Fit and Finish: Excellent. Flawless with a shield that kind of snaps closed and seals well. If you open the shield just a bit with that funky little lever on the left side, the noise doesn't increase at all and it lets a little more air through.

Overall, I'd give it an 8 out of 10. I say that because it was a cluster phuk to fit my Chatterbox. That's where HJC has Shoei hands down, but I think HJC owns Chatterbox, soooooo.................

If anyone has any questions, or wants pictures, please let me know and I'd be glad to oblidge.

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Went to that web site. It sucks as far as locating product. Tried to get the Voltage TC-5 to come up all i get is that lameass cruz 1/2 piece of crap. Go to Shoei Brand & again get that crap. Do you have to call to get the TC-? What kinda price?? :idunno:

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KJ's RR said:
Snip: Do you have to call to get the TC-? What kinda price?? :idunno:
Yes, you do have to call. Yes, their website bites. Yes, they give good service (not quick, but good). $309.99 shipped to Detroit.

They wanted ~$100 US to ship to my home( :rotfl: ), and I live 25 minutes from Detroit, but across the border.

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Thanks for the input. I have an HJC CL "Street fighter" yellow/black/white that matched my 01 929 she bought me 2yrs ago when i bought that bike.That's the best price I've seen . Been only look'in since yesterday when I stopped by shop to pick up Zero Gravity Double Bubble. Hope to get that on after work today.The shop had the storm for $379.oo, The exact thing onyl W/HONDA on it for $399.00. I liked the voltage graphics better once I saw them online though. Now have to convince Wife I need new lid due to wind,neckstrain & of course the ever it's gotta match the bike! :hmm:
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