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As I said in another thread, I found out this morning that I needed a new lid before leaving for Grattan. Drove up to my dealership and started looking around. Fell in love with the Tommy Gun edition Arai Quantum, but at $750, it was a bit steep. Tried on a Roberts rep Suomy and I was sold. It fit much better than the Arai...It's like the thing was molded after my melon. Been wearing it around the house a bit today trying to break it in a bit as it's a little on the tight side, but I'm still amazed by the fit. Not sure how the venting will be, the small vents sorta make me raise an eyebrow, as is the lack of vents over the brows which I was very used to with my Arai's. With the deal I got on it, however, I really couldn't pass it up.

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