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I never did an intro, just jumped in and started answering questions where I could.
so, Howdy from Northern Iowa,
Bought "Wild Blue", 19OCT2021, a 2018 Honda Pioneer 1000EPS 3 seater, warn winch and 72" moose snow plow.
Member as of Apr 25, 2022.
Wheel Tire Vehicle Hood Automotive tire

About me...
20 years Army, Retired in 2007.
Work for a local trucking company, as a mechanic.
Wife, 4 children. 2 finished college, 1 still in High School.
Bought my 40 Acres from my parents in 1996 while still in the service.
If any of you that are close to me, need a place to ride some short trails through woods.
Hunters, Riders or Walkers | our40acres
If you look at my website, you can see the trails that are on my 40 Acres. I do need to update the map though. My nephew got the mowing bug and started making more trails.
Here is a 40Acres Snowy Short Trail Ride with my #1 Rider
And before you ask, NO, I do not charge to ride my woods.
I am hoping this link below, to Honda Pioneer Forum is allowed.
I have posted quite a few DIY stuff over there, it would help owners here also.
Mark from Northern Iowa DIY Threads
It should, I see they are the same Company.
Have a good day
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