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OGK helmets?

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hey does anyone have reviews on these helmets? I'm thinking about getting one but I dont know if they are worth it? Feedbacks?

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Go to a dealer and try one on. Different people have certain kinds of helmet heads, and you should at least see if your head fits in one right before you buy one.

I dont know much about OGK I have a Shoei head
I have the FF3GP which I bought a few months ago. Great helmet for the price. Fits very similar to my Arai Signet and RX7... My only complaint about the lid is that I took the suggestion of Helmet Harbor and purchased a large based on my size with Arai. The helmet fits the same, but a little looser than my Arai's have. I remedied it by getting different cheek pads and now the fit is identical to the Arai, is lighter and plane looks good. I got the red,white & blue lid to stand out and represent my patriotism.

Great helmets at great prices and I will buy another one again before dropping $200 more on an Arai. Don't get me wrong, I love my Arai, but don't like their policies. Another side note, OGK is the direct competitor of Arai in the UK from what I've read.

Hope it helps....

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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