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Hi Everyone,

I spent a few hours going through some old posts, tons of great info but thought I would please ask for some input on the following decisions...

First a little background.

I am a Canadian, I recently moved to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for work. Upon arrival here I noted the insane manor in which most people drive when compared to western standards (keep this in mind for later).

Not to dwell on that, but lets get into what I want to ask.

Currently I am having a VERY hard time picking up gear locally. I bought my bike used, as I do not have resident status yet and cannot purchase a new bike until I do. So for now I am on a Suzuki DR 800 (dual sport) for more then likely 6 months. I put DOT slicks on it, so it is setup for the street. There is no track here other then a drag strip which down the road I would love to use, but have no purpose now.

I do want to learn a lot about cornering and some stunting to become more familiar and intimate with my bike. Nothing crazy, just ways to manipulate it and know how it will feel under different conditions.

I guess this is a long way of saying, I consider a spill or two likely.

PLEASE keep in mind the fact it is VERY hot and humid here. Humidity is always over 80% and temps above the 90's regularly. Sitting in traffic is no fun. You sweat and it's 2am!

So I want some protective gear of course!

Please keep in mind I have no ability to try things on here, as the local stores hardly carry anything. Even if they did, not many people would buy it. Almost every time I see someone on a bike they are in flip flops, tank tops, long shorts and rarely have helmets.

My current gear consists of:

A Vemar VSR Helmet. It does fit well, but makes a whole lot of noise. The wind is very strong here as well, and average speed is also very high. In miles I would say I do 75-85 on average. Since I am sitting up on this bike, and the winds are strong, this helmet is almost enough to pull you off the back of the bike when you check your blind spot, and loud enough in those conditions that if I put in my ipod, I would have to turn the volume up loud enough to hurt my ears to hear it.

I am thinking of purchasing an Shoei X-Eleven. It has great ventilation and should fit my oval shaped head according to what I have read. It should also be a lot quieter. It's pricely though, not sure how it compares to the RF-1000 ventiliation wise...

My head is 59cm, I am thinking a Large.

What do you all think, new helmet for noise reduction or forget it? Brand/Model/Size?

I have a set of A* gloves, the S-MX 2 Carbon Air, they are pretty well vented, but I fear when I need them, their non existent abrasion protection will leave me hanging.

I was thinking some Held Phantom Race, but was recommended A* SMS instead. This was from a gentleman I contacted at Kneedraggers. I know they are a bit overkill for the street, but I would rather not lose my palms in a fall, and it's not like I would have to replace them later. The sizing is weird on them, I measure 8.5inches across the palm, but that corresponds to 3 different sizes in Held. I know A* sizing so I was thinking to just got for the A* GP Tech as the model below them, the GP Plus scored better then the Phantoms in a recent test by Ride magazine. Any input there?

I have an Icon Motorhead jacket I picked up as well, it fits a bit baggy, but that is not too big of a deal cause if it was tight, I would die in the heat. I am not sure a jacket like this works with long gauntlet style gloves either, anyone know?

And that is all I have so far!

So now I am thinking about purchasing from kneedraggers:

The helmet and some new gloves.

As well, some pants and boots.

I am thinking for light duty and street some of these Icon Recon Kevlar lined denim. I know they will not be as tough as leather, but they should do a bit better in the climate here. Down the road I would like to find some twisties to practice on after I get a sport bike, and leathers will be necessary then. I will purpose buy them at that time.

I read they fit tight so buy a size big, but then the guy at Kneedraggers said no buy them normal. Any input/opinions?


I am leaning towards the Sidi Vertigo Air. I realize the Corsa are better, but may be more then I will ever need and use and for the extra $120, I am not sure there is any point.

These also fit small I have read, I normally wear a comfortable running shoe like nike or adidas in 11, so I was thinking to buy 11.5.

Any input on model or size?

Wow this is long, thank you for reading this far if you actually got here, I appreciate it very much!

I look forward to hearing from everyone!

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While I personally am not a fan of anything but leather, I recently saw some textiles, Tour Master and someone else that looked really good. Make sure you get armor in the suits and it will be okay. I just don't think that they can take multiple dumps like leather can take.

Any of the top 2 or 3 levels of boots from the majors are good.

More than likely you will land on your palms, so make sure the gloves have good palm protection.

There are too many quality helmets to even start. Good luck and stay cool.

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looks like you've done your research, If its that hot their all the time Scorpian makes a cheap but awesome help that breathes really well. The EXO700 I believe, try looking into that.

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Thank you and done, I have my old one on the way from Canada, whenever my friend gets around to putting it in the post.....
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