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:rant: Went down to the GNCC at Big Buck over the weekend. Lot's of good racing. It seems these events are getting more popular year after year. I was disappointed at the team tactics during the afternoon race when on lap two an opposing team member pointed Strang and two other riders the long way through a crossing allowing David Knight to go to the inside and take over the lead. Not that I have anything against Knight, he and his team had nothing to do with the incident. Besides, he can't help it he's so fast. What I can't understand is this person wasn't even on Knight's team and it didn't benefit their riders at all. I realize these guys are ultimately responsible for chosing their own lines but in that type of racing they depend on fans to alert them to accidents ahead and problem areas that develop as the race progresses. A line that was fine one lap may be nearly impassible on the next. These guys have a hard enough time with some fans trying to send them into a bad line just for their entertainment and you would think the teams would realize that and not use dirty tactics to try to get ahead.

Rant Off.
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