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My Quick Stand arrived today. It seems to be everything the makers and various motorcycle magazine reviews say it's cracked up to be. Works exactly as advertised and appears well made.

For what you get (three little pieces of aluminum tubing), it's fairly costly at $35, but I tend to believe it's worth the money. It's not cobbled looking and breaks down into a nice little tool with bag for stowing away in your trunk. It'll make chain maintenance while on the road a relative breeze.

A final note for Intuitive Pro swingarm slider users: the spring loaded cable that attaches the Quick Stand to the spool isn't large enough to accomodate the large IP slider. The stand still works fine and appears suitably stable, but it's something to consider before you purchase. I'm going to e-mail the company not with a complaint, but a simply and polite observation in that regard; maybe they'll make an IP specific model in the future.
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