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Rain suit/Windbreaker

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Looking to pick up a new rain suit that doubles as a windbreaker for those cold mornings. In doing some research most rain suits are made from PVC or nylon (being the more expensive of the two) any recommendations? I’m thinking nylon would be the way to go?
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When you make your decision, don't forget to be sure that it won't melt from the heat thrown up to the back of your legs from the engine. ;)

I wear an Aerostich so I have no suit recommendations for you.
I ended up getting a Motoboss one piece like what you see about halfway down on this page:

Motoboss Triton One Piece

I can't give much of a review since I've only worn it once, but here's what I've found so far.

It's a one piece so it's a pain to get into and out of while already wearing your other gear. Since I knew I wouldn't use it much, this didn't really affect my decision

It has velcro at the end of the arms and legs and on the neck and along the zipper that runs diagonally across the torso, so it's easy to adjust to your needs.

It stuffs into it's own self contained inside pocket for easy storage. It also has a strap on this inside pocket which allows you to wear it like a fanny pack if you want. I usually have my backpack, so I just keep it there.

It weighs about 7 or so pounds, so I definatly know when it is or is not in my backpack. Nothing huge, but you do notice it.

Other than that, not much to report. The one morning I did wear it, it was just as a windbreaker. It did that job well with no wind going down my back....Not sure how it does in rain, but if it keeps the wind out effectively, it should do a descent job with the rain.

It also has some pockets that come in handy too.

My only real complaint so far is that it's just difficult to put on since I'm wearing it over the top of my normal street gear. I also bought it at just the right size to avoid the parachute effect, but if I would have gone one size larger, it would have been easier to put on.
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figment said:
I currently have the Rainman (which I'm selling, too small) Looks like I should get a larger replacement.
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