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So. I've opined that "you get what you pay for....unless you don't." Alternately stated, there are exceptions to every rule. But when my head (heh...I said, "head"...heh, heh) figures into the mix, I've been a Shoei or Arai guy all the way.

But, really that just an excuse to sport the "cool" brand of helmet when I ride my freshly polished CBinfordR-2000 down to the neighborhood Starbucks to pose whilst sipping my $6.00 frothy beverage?

What has sent me into this deep and contemplative mode of thought? :givefuck: ... I understand. And that's O.K.

On an overhead recommendation to another, I tried on the HJC AC-11. The fit was wonderful. The vents were plentiful, the neckroll was substantial, the faceshield seal was firm, the peripheral vision was wide, the back was cut high (good for bull-necks or no-neck neanderthat ******** such as myself), and, well, you get the idea.

The problem was that the price was low. $190 locally and $145 thru Helmet Harbor. My Gawd! My rating on the semi-official Frothy Drink Stand Poseur Points Scale will plummet.

Oh, the humanity, Pumpkin!

But, hey? What IS it really all about? What's the bottom line? The lowest common denominator? The bee's knees?

It fits, you can stand the ounce or two of weight the AC-11 carries over the Z-II *AND*, most importantly, it carries the Snell approval rating. Isn't that what really matters?


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I've had cheap helmets, and I've had good helmets. As soon as my buddy gets out of the hospital, he'll tell you how his Arai performed. I saw the helmet, and went :eek: :eek: :eek:

I'll be happy to spend $500 for a helmet if it means not getting carried away by the coroner.

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I'm not taking sides here because I think everyone is right!?

My helmets, Arai and Shoei. I love them both. Past lids from both brands were great for me.

Leathers, two sets of HJC. Top quality and not too expensive. I would buy a third set if I needed one.

So...perhaps HJC has a great quality helmet at a good price. :idunno: I'll check it out in a couple years when I need to replace my lids. Who knows? As ND implied, even the "Best of the Best" may not be good enough. (I hope he pulls through okay ND)

I suppose what I am really trying to say is that nobody should let 'brand snobbery' influence what to purchase. The original question related to HJC helmets, which I have no experience. However, if HJC makes helmets like their leathers, I'd say go for it, especially if the helmet fits your head comfortably. (Dot and Snell approval implied)

I gotta go watch the races now.

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I've owned 2 HJC and 2 Shoei helments. The Shoei's were made of higher quality material, were lighter and a better fit... The screen's were harder to change and 1 of the 2 had the screen break off. No problem's with the Shoei's (other than the first being crashed).

Doing an eye-to-eye comparison with both of them sitting side by each, my Shoei's were better quality. Then again, they were relatively cheap HJC's.

(I'm not a brand snob, I wear my 2nd HCJ suit.)

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My first helmet a Arai Quantum f ($AU800) was the that fitted me best and was also in the upper price bracket. I wanted to make sure that my head was protected as much as possible since I make money out of using my noggin. After shoving my head into the bitumen at 110km/h and only loosing concousness for about 10 minutes I'd say it was a fantastic investment.

After the Arai having proved itself I wanted another but this time around the Arai's didn't fit, the sales guy said that they had changed the shape of the helmet in the past 2 years. (Then again I could have done some pannel beating during the accident.) After sifting though the lids I came across the Shark RSR Foggy ($AU680). A Great colour scheme and was also the winner of a motorrad magazine helmet comparison beating more expensive models. As far as I could tell it was beating other more expensive models as well, thicker visor, removable fog guard standard and a snug fit on my head had me sold even though it was quite a bit cheaper (another bonus).

At the same time my mates were/are riding around in helmets that were 1/3 -1/4 the price and they we complaining about wind noise and comfort. All the helmets were standards approved so they should do thier job at protecting you. It just seems like the more expensive ones are more comfortable and rider friendly before you need them in an accident. If the HJC is comfortable, not too loud at speed, weight is bearable and has standards approval then you may have to think about about yourself rather than the cafe crowd.

Check online to see if you can get any feedack about the helmet such as the below links

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Be careful, the standards test just meens is will protect you head from an object with mass X dropped from height Y.

the way it was explained to me, your head will bounce in the $100 helmet that passed the standards test, whil ein the higher quality helmet, the hel,et will actually absorb the impact, reducing damage to your skull.

Pay your $$$ and take your chances. Having said that, I'm very sure their are excellent quality helmets out there at good prices. Shoei helmets just happen to fit my head perfectly :)


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BushrodW said:
It fits, you can stand the ounce or two of weight the AC-11 carries over the Z-II *AND*, most importantly, it carries the Snell approval rating. Isn't that what really matters?bw

"Jason wears an "out of the box" AC-11 with HJ-07F race shields"

Pridmore. This quote from the HJC website. Seems Yates and Spies also wear HJC lids. Obviously Yates' is too tight. :rolleyes:

I looked at and tried on the AC-11 recently. It was light and fit well. Different shape as compared to other "race bred" helmets. Most I've seen now are flat/round in front and taper towards the back, kind of like the design of a bicycle racing helmet, only more subtle. The AC-11 is kind of pointed in the front at the chin and full at the back. Made me wonder how stable it would be at speed. Anyway...if it's good enough for Pridmore, it should probably be okay for you. :)
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