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Needed an extra set of tie-downs, and picked up a set of Ancra "Integras". They are like the standard Ancra, but have the integrated soft tie feature.

Seems like a good idea, but in practice I didn't find it to be that handy.

They use a standard cam block which means that the "soft-tie" is at the wrong (fixed) end of the strap, and you have to pull down to cinch.

1. This doesn't work very well in a crowded enclosed trailer where you are on the bike and need to pull up to cinch.

2. It makes the heavy cam block ride high and close to the bike...not ideal. For example, if you are tying to the trees, the buckle can contact the fairing.

I'm a big fan of Ancra stuff, but this one doesn't work for me... :twocents:

* Note: If you have an open trailer it might work a bit better as you can pull down to cinch, but the buckles still ride too high imho...

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You can easily make a set that way...just cut off the stock hooks with a bolt cutter and replace them with great... :thumb:

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I have a set of straps called D-Straps that have a soft hook built in and caribiners on both ends.

I'm a huge fan, but the guy promotes his product like shit.
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