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Now that I've logged a couple dozen or so hours with the iPod, here's what I found:

It kicks ass.

OK, here's why. It's small, has room for most of my music, has a decent bettery life, works perfectly all the time (this was why I gave up on the 20GB Archos Multimedia Jukebox, because it didn't work worth a crap most of the time) despite some truly rough handling, sucks down data in a hurry thanks to firewire, and has nearly ideal ergonomics. Can it be improved on? Yes - the battery life could be better, the remote could be a little better, it could be made water resistant, it could (dunno how) be made smaller still. Those points aside, I think it really is the best portable music player on the market.

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Yep...I'll agree the 3rd gen iPods are kick ass. I've got the 15GB one and sold my 2nd gen 10GB once I got it. I hate that the new one doesn't have a standard FireWire port and you have to instead use a special iPod cable. The dock for the 3rd gen is nice but I'd still like to have the standard FW port. The touch sensitive buttons on the new one are also cool and Pod2Go makes it a PDA for weather, movies, news, etc.
All I need now are some decent ear bud headphones and I'll be in business
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