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Sorry to flood, I've been reading a lot lately on the forums. Yet, there are so many different opinions and personal experiences. I was hoping to get a GENERAL view - like when you talk cars...people usually have reactions when you mention certain companies...
bad = saturn
good = toyota/honda/lincoln/ford Etc.
Very Good = Benz, BMW, Acura, lexus

I was wondering if anyone could give suggestions on quality riding gear

Helmet - I know noise cannot be avoided. Besides Fit...what's next? What is the best way to deal with fog, that seems to be a problem with many riders.
Jacket - Is leather the way to go? Do all the brands pretty much have the same level of protection quality in the padding?
Pants - I was kinda leaning toward jeans...cause i don't want to be walking everywhere in leather pants :(. However, if it does make a significant difference i don't mind.
Boots - Dependable so i won't have to use a cane before i'm 65. Yet casual so i don't feel like i'll need longer jeans to hide them.
Gloves - Anyone? What are the important features that make good gloves?

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helmet- arai or shoei
jacket- alpinestar or tourmaster
pants- leathers or what?
boots- high boots for racing or low boots for street riding?
gloves- anything with knuckle protectors

i feel your pain but you just have to go to the shops and look at the accessories

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top quality helmets come with anit-fog visors. not sure if many of them work but I know the one on a Suomy does.

gear, the best you can afford. preferably leather as it offers the best protection. also get stuff with good armor in it. also double and triple stitching survives a crash much better than single stitching. this stuff applies to jackets, pants and gloves. although on gloves I don't know if anyone does triple stitching, there's also how its constructed. For instance my AlpineStars GP Pros have the stitching on the outside of the fingers for comfort, other gloves have the stitching on the inside.

for boots there are many options, check out Sidi and Alpinestars.

here's a good site to check out gear New Enough Motorcycle Apparel sells motorcycle jackets, pants and suits, boots, gloves, helmets, etc :: New Enough, LTD
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