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SA2000 vs. M2000 Helmet Debate

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I would like some unbiased opinions regarding SA2000 (auto) Helmets vs. M2000 (m/c) Helmets.

The wife and I are contemplating Fall Colors '04, an S2000 get together with an optional trackday @ Beaver Run. I have started a helmet debate here.

Thoughts? :idunno:
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It's hard to say.... If the track/club/organization requires an SA helmet, I guess you're screwed.

As far as protection, my opinion is that the MC helmets should provide just as much protection. Seems to me that your head is more vulnerable on a motorcycle anyway, so I'd think the helmet standards would be higher. :idunno:
Someone who sees it my way, finally.

I'm not screwed, I would just have to buy another helmet.

Thanks for that link Conq. :thumb:
I actually asked this question previously to Simpson. When asked what the difference is: I was told the only difference was in the fire rating. I then made the mistake of asking the stupid question of why...of course I got a stupid answer of: What is the chance of getting trapped in a burning motorcyle? :hmm:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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