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Anyone have any experience with these? It's a Bluetooth headset specifically designed to use on with a motorcycle helmet. Supposed to come on and off easily, sound pretty good have a good life span.

Read a little blurb in Motorcycle Consumer News at said that they were pretty good, but I read from others that the Motorola HS830 helmet headset might be a bit better.

Anyone have any experience with either of these? Employer will be much happier to let me come and go more freely on those nice biking days this summer if they can reach me on the cell. As it is, I never hear the phone ring and spend a ton of time "checking" the phone in the tankbag to see if I have a message.

And with the good roads several hours away, looks like I'll be slabbing it a bunch and it would be nice to be a bit more accessable.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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