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I just took my new Sidi Vertigo Corsa boots for their first ride. Took them out for about 250 miles through the twisties of Northern New Mexico. The temperature was about 90F. These have to be the most comfortable boots I have ever worn. The ankle flexibility was superb for a pair of boots right out of the box. These boots have an adjustable setting to fit your calf. There is also an adjustment to customize the fit across the top of your foot. Both of these adjustments are made while you are wearing the boots so there is no trial and error. It was very easy to get into the boots. The zipper extends down to the top of the sole. The zipper is also straight making it very easy to pull up. I have has three pairs of Alpinestars and their design made if very difficult to get into and to pull the zipper up. The Sidis also have a very effective ventilation system with the intake near the outside of your ankle. Even with hot temperature of the day, my feet did not sweat too badly. The boots also have easy to replace shin guards and toe sliders. Both are screwed to the boot. The down side to these boots are the cost. They set me back $425. The other potential down side is the use of thick monofiliment line in both the calf and foot-top adjuster mechanisms. This seem like the weakest link in the boot. I am not sure how long the line will last. All in all a very comfortable boot with very good support and great ankle flexibility. :thumb:

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I've been wearing mine for 2 or 3 years now, street and track. no problems with the line at all.
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