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They don't hold a candle to these puppies :)

Makita 12v and 14.4v impact drivers. They freewheel about 3000 rpm but can get nasty if you hang on the trigger till about 55#/ft. It's not alot of juice for say, removing a flywheel stud or something...but for general (speedy) dissasembly, in the middle of anywhere - these things are the shiz.

I have a compressor and tools in the shop, but this thing still has permanent residence there as it is well deserved.

I posted a second pic of what looks like a drill and something else in a case - that is photo of the most recent acquisition. the 14.4v kit, with 'free drill' included with impact driver purchase. it was on clearance @ my local HD for 168$ I beleive - which is remarkable considering it had Ni-MH batteries, charger, etc.

If you haven't tinkered with one of these yet you really owe it to yourself to check one of these things out. They are not weak, and last forever depending how you load the battery.

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