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Snowbear Trailers, good/bad?

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Anyone out there got experience with these guys:

Snowbear Trailers

I see them @ the local HD for 600$ or so, they seem half decent for the $$. I see tons of them tied to various minivans that don't want to dirty their interior with loam, plywood,etc. but aside from that I don't have much info on em, at least from a weekend warrior standpoint... as this would probably get about 12,000 miles a year on it so longevity is a concern for me.

Any major pro's/con's on using this for transport of a dirtbike and associated gear that you can foresee?

Right now Im just using a rail trailer with leaf suspension etc. and its ok but if Im going to have something back there, I'd rather it be big enough to at least put my gas cans and stuff on as well as serving as an adequate replacement for my Ranger when Home Depot or dump duty calls ;)
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oh yeah - looking at model 8000...
12k a year is alot for a utility trailer. They typicaly have less than desirable axls/hubs/tires. I would look for something with a 2 or 3.5k axl that takes standard 14 or 15" rims with trailer rated tires. Bumps up the price a bit, but for milage, and considering the $$$ of what your hauling on it, I think its worth it. My 5x8 Texas Bragg has a 3.5k axl, 15 inch rims with 205 trailer tires, and a load capacity of like 2600 pounds. I paid around $1,200.
Im stonde I think, after reading this this am I realized 12k must be for when I semi-retire and move to a state with 12month riding :D. I plan on doing about 350-400 miles every other weekend for about 7/8 months of the year, probably closer to 6000 miles @ the high end ;)

Thinking Aluminum 4x6 kinda thing maybe...the weight of the Snowbear is a little on the high side, and its a little large for about 96% of the work Ill be doing with it.

Then again the plan is just to get me through for a few years till I go enclosed and get a bigger tow vehicle. But even then would be nice to still have a nice little deck trailer kicking around when I gotta haul around little crap and don't want to tear apart my dirtyride trailer.

yeah...thats it :)
I've seen those and I'm less than impressed with them for motorcycle towing. If it's just for dirtbikes and not streetbikes, you'll probably get away with it. Personally, I'd look for a good used landscape trailer.
I bought one back in '99. It was perfect for trailering my VFR all over the place (no comment out of you NinerPilot! ;) ). The thing had good build quality other than they reversed the wires for the brake lights when it was built. Took me awhile to figure out the problem but was easily solved. I also used to for hauling furniture, landscaping supplies, and some lumber. I ended up selling it to a desparate Harley owner in need of trailer to haul his bike to Daytona Bike Week! Used the the money to buy the 6x12 enclosed trailer I have today.
Heh, the irony is that I came down the highway tonight and think I saw one in the median with a puzzled family looking on from their Aerostar, a sign?
SomeStrangeGuy said:
Heh, the irony is that I came down the highway tonight and think I saw one in the median with a puzzled family looking on from their Aerostar, a sign?
Yeah...who in their right mind would ever buy an Aerostar?
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