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I'm not saying Arai isn't good, or cheap helemts are better because they cost less. It's just a different theory on the best crash protection. It just so happens the best helmet they tested was $100. I'm not knocking Arai by any means.

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Hello and welcome to last year.

That article has been hashed and rehashed and evidently since motorcyclist magazine derives a huge portion of their operating costs from the distributor of their "best" helmet, they forgot what a real helmet test consists of . . .

SNELL and BSI have both successfully debunked just about everything in that article.

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Oh geeze, it's 2006 already........... Sorry, I wasn't aware this topic had been covered. Thanks for the info.

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I know mine is da chit!

Vemar VSR
Average: 174 Gs
LF: 171 gs
RF: 198 gs
LR: 166 gs
RR: 162 gs

The VSR Chrome is accepted for use in the FIM World Superbike Championship, AMA Pro Racing, CCS, PIM, Formula-USA, WERA and even in MotoGP racing, and even, even even FBO GRATTAN!

...and it ain't Snell.
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