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I have one that I was thinking of selling. Haven't worn it at all. Is still brand new.

Jacket seems kind of stiff, but probably because its new and not broken in yet. Other then that it seems like a good jacket. i have about 14 riding jackets. The speedmaster is probably somewhere in the middle on quality of my 14.

Only reason I'm thinking of selling it and why I don't use it (i know your thinking why) is the color.

Thought I was gonna ride sometimes in yellow. So I bought the speedmaster and an HRC jacket in yellow and pants and boots. but after seeing how it looked on my mostly red and black bike I had 2nd thoughts. So its siiting in my closet.

Not sure if your looking for yellow at all? If not it still is a good jacket. if your buying new, it will be pretty stiff I think. The hump i thought I wouldn't like at first but its not too bad.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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