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I have an 86 xr250 and when I use the back drum brakes they always seem to to stick and not let the brakes free. It does have a spring that looks like it is supposed to release the drum when ingaged but it looks kind of loose. Should I put another spring in, or is their another way to fix the sticky drum brakes?

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I have an '87. IIRC, there should be two springs inside the hub holding the shoes together, and another one on the brake petal. Most likely, the pivots for the brake shoes and the petal are gunked up. They get pretty nasty and build up a sticky tar like goop. I bet if pull them apart, clean, and re grease, they should be good for another 20 years:thumb: Check the shoes and drum surface as well...if it has been hanging up for a long time it may have gotten really hot and warped the hub and trashed the springs.
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