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Suomy Spec-1R, First impressions.

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I just got my new Bostrom Suomy Spec-1R helmet today. Only have three miles on the thing as I wore it on the ride back to work.

All I have to say is... Damn, this is one sweet helmet! :thumb:

Probably one of the best looking, well made helmets I've ever held in my hands. It's super light, when the guy handed me the box it felt almost empty. The paint and finish is incredible. Even the non-biker co-workers of mine thought the helmet was awesome. Strange, they never commented on my helmets before.

Fit is snug and right on par with other Arai RX7-RR3 and the Shoei XSP-1 helmets I've had. Noise level seems similar to the Arai, but I'm thinking it might be a little quieter. The Shoei I had before was like wearing ear muffs and I never really liked how quiet it was.

The visor switching wasn't as bad as I've heard, but nothing beats the rip off, slide on system of the Arai. The visor uses a free lifting system like the Arai so you can position the shield anywhere rather than the notchy style of most other helmets.

More to come as I'll be doing a more detailed review on my site after getting some more miles on it.

I picked it up from Great customer service and fast FREE shipping. Even got a free shield and helmet bag with my order.
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