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Suomy Spec-1R

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I picked up my new helmet from my dealer on Monday after work.  The guy gave me a good deal on it.  Including another shield for $450.  Bad thing is I had to pay taxes, but I also didn't have to wait for it.  The riding season is quickly drawing to a close here.  

Bostrom Replica

I am really happy w/ this helmet so far.  It is super light!  Especially compared to my HJC, which felt like it weighed about 10 lbs.  The Suomy breaths really well.  There is a breeze on the top of my head and face all the time.  Head checks are really easy.  My old helmet used to hit my jacket, and the Suomy does not.  The clear visor is extremely clear.  I have been really impressed w/ that of all things.  

I am a little disapointed w/ the way the stickers are applied to the covers that cover the sides of the visor.  Looks like they could peal off pretty easily and are actually folded over on the edges where the curve of the surface is extreme.  Not bad, but noticible if you are looking for it.  

I also, wish it was easier to chage the visor.  You need a tool to release the covers, and they are not easy to get back on.  Actually, I probably just haven't learned how to do it yet.  

As far as fit goes, it is a little snug w/ a couple of pressure points, but I think it will break in and be great.  After a 1/2 hour ride last night I could already feel it getting better.

In all I'm really excited about it.
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Damn man! $450 bucks for an extra shield? That's insane Just messin' with ya! Nice lid. Sad but true about the season nearly being over.
Yeah, they are pretty nice helmets. I got the Guareschi model earlier this year. No complaints, except the visor. That thing is a total pain in the butt to change.
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