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Okay, I need track for the cost of materials and a track day, I will turn your plain-jane into a beauty!:D

My new trailer started as a plain plywood shell. I am not done. (Electrical stuff to follow.)
Some details:

Spare tire - (now center covered).
High grade linoleum flooring, ramp and door. All aluminum edged.
Polyurethane finished plywood.
Eight recessed floor tie-downs. (You can hold 18,000 lbs. on the floor.) :)
Nine mid-wall tie-downs in 3/4 plywood.
One High-up tie down.
Transition from ramp to floor that mounts on ramp-door.
Matching rubber kick-plate on walls.
3M matching anti-skid runners on ramp, rear cargo and side door area.
Inside side-door handle.
Baxley chock hooks-up with one clip.
Two/three sport bikes compatible.

If I come to you, you pay transportation. If you come to me. You stay for FREE.


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Approximately $550. Thanks for your interest.

We have recently re-organized, downsized and optimized our operations.
Therefore: This particular transition is no longer available.

However, if you are interested in having your tires scrubbed-in for proper track-use, we will accept all brands at this time. Our fees are $1 per hour and we guarantee your tires will be returned completely worn out. I am sorry, I mean worn in.
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