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Those mirror thingamajigs - fireblade

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There has to have been a discussion on this but I can't find it.
I tried a search for 'thingamajig' without success.
I'm looking for mirror replacement brackets (for lack of a better term) for my 02 954.

Ever go to the track with stock plastics, and when you remove the mirrors you have to leave the mirror base plates on so that the upper fairing stay has something to bolt to?
Or the first time you use track plastics you still have to have a plate to attach the fairing to the stay?

I'm looking for replacements for those baseplates.
My local shop sells them, billet aluminum, but they want $80.
I'm no expert on billet aluminum but that just seems ridiculous.
Anybody know
1) what I'm talking about
2) where I can find these things at a decent price?

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Yup, what Conq posted. Race Plates. I have a black plastic pair, I think they were made by this same guy, before he started making aluminum ones. They work great!
Edit: just scrolled down, he still makes the black ones out of plastic, or plastic-looking stuff.
You might PM Baketech. He sold me some nice aluminum plates for a lot less than $80...and they have Honda wings engraved in them. He also had "HRC" and "Fireblades" versions at one point. :thumb:
Origional bolts with washers... $0.45 total, not flashy but works.
damon_achey said:
Origional bolts with washers... $0.45 total, not flashy but works.
sounds like a poor mans fix. good stuff though, whatever works. :thumb:
Thanks for the info.
"Racing Plates"
"Mirror Plates"
Why didn't I think of those?

This place:
has some interesting stuff but they should just put:

"We are currently out of stock of EVERYTHING. Please continue to check back for availibility. "

at the top of each page.

thanks again
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damon_achey said:
Origional bolts with washers... $0.45 total, not flashy but works.
Damn Skippy!
works great for me :)
I am also cheap, i bought new mirrors for my Blade after i dropped it and busted both mirrors.

So this allowed me to keep the base brackets (i removed the broken shafts). So now i can use these at the track. Cheap alternative, but not cheap if you have to crash you bike first :eek:

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