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Well.... with me living in Grand Rapids --- (i.e. the town near Grattan) and attend the ocassional motorcycle track-day....I just thought I'd post my recent chronicle of finding a good under armor, chest & back protector.

My original intent was to supplement my current riding gear....(JR speedmaster jacket, shoei helmet, teknic leather pants/gloves, and A*'s smx-plus boots) and decided to try out/buy decent under-armor. (This was brought on by trying on a BMW motrad armor shirt at a local Detroit motorcycle show)

I checked out most of what is out there....which is mainly Bohn, A*'s, and the Dianese stuff.... couldn't afford the Dianese under-armor (although if racing full-time, would consider it...), and eventually decided to try the Alpinestars Bionic under-jacket. My review of this being...great armor, good back-protector, but... the fish-net stuff holding it together was a bit ackward. (it left marks in my skin after riding....also, my friends couldn't stop making fish-net stocking jokes --- you know who you are! jerks!....ha, ha)

Anyway... came across a company called High Velocity --- small company, 2 guys out of NJ who ride themselves, they only have a couple products of which they actually have obtained a higher CE rating than the A*'s stuff...

I decided to buy their under-armor and really, really, really like it! (theirs was made with a soft wicking lycra...and has a detachable back protector to boot!) At first, was a little nervous about doing business with a smaller company, but everything went great. (I actually called the guys and got alot of good answers...)

Here is a link to their under/armor back/protector...

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arcticfox said: would be sweet to live in the KY, TN area...

Actually, this years trip to Deal's Gap is another reason for me to look for more protection.... last year, out of 20 riders.... 4 went down. This kind of stuff really gets you thinking...(i.e. like taking off mirrors & putting on crap bodywork....wearing full football gear - ha, ha)

last year recap...

(1) R6 from our group was totaled, (1) f4I went down 2x's due to rider inexperience, my friends blackbird was lowsided & due to a stump cracked the oil pan, and another RC51 found a misc. twig... (hummm... maybe just too much corner brake!!! ha, ha) ---- I guess in the end though, only (1) was a bad one.... although - it initially was a low side until the frame slider caught a pot hole and sent the bike flying down the road end over end...

Hense.... this year, I'm getting anal about protection and other gear !!!
Or you could mellow out, it is a public road not a racetrack. The gap can be fun but riders like you describe is why I do not go near the place on Saturday. (Oh and if you think I am picking on you northerners, there is a group from Huntsville I will not ride with for the exact same reason)

As an alternative try the gap with no braking just throttle control, very fun and lower speed on the straights (might even pass a LEO without a ticket ;) )

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---- I pulled my comment, to get the tread back on track...

(For the record: I do practice 'The Pace' and live 30 minutes from a track --- no need to take it to the gap... but, to be honest --- the next time you go down, keep it to yourself)

My point being.... things happen, and when they do.... I want to be wearing the best stuff I can afford.
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