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I'm considering retiring my 10-yr old Hein Gericke leather for a Vanson Mark 2 CSRX. I've always wanted a Vanson and love the clean look of this jacket. The reviews over on are really good. It's a decent chunk of cash, but if the quality is as good as they say it ought to last a long time. Anyone have this jacket or a similar Vanson that can testify to its quality, durability, comfort, etc?

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I think there are a few members here with their leathers (HGT and RedRider) so they should chime in eventually.

come on up to the Vanson factory, NY isn't too far. HGT came up from NJ for hers.

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I'm on my 4th custom Vanson and I love them! I'm on the 3rd and 4th ones because I lost weight and the other couldn't be altered, not because anything was wrong with it. Their stuff is good quality. Are you planning on getting the pants that zip to it? The only complaint I have with the off-the-rack stuff is their 3 piece zipper arrangement. I hate it. They did it instead of offering full circumference so they could keep the adjustable waist band on the jackets. It doesn't look like a sturdy arrangement to me. I tried it on when I was at Vanson, and it unzipped itself pretty easily, and was very cumbersome to try and zip together. So, I went with a custom 2 piece so I could have a good full circumference one piece zipper. If the jacket does not have the adjustable waist band, they can match it up with a pair of sport rider pants and put a proper full zipper on it. Just a thought for down the road if you're considering pants. Other than that, good stuff!
Oh, and it'll last a very long time. They don't call them "heirloom quality" for nothing.
If you fit off the rack stuff, all the better. If you decide you want custom, I recommend going to Vanson and having them measure you. All of my customs have been a perfect fit. I've known a few people that had issues, but they were measured by staff in a Vanson distributor dealer, not directly at Vanson.

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Wrong website, but I had a Gericke Concorde for quite awhile...great road jacket... :thumb:

As far as the Vanson stuff goes, I REALLY like my my Cobra. It's a really good quality jacket for someone looking for a 2pc street setup. The quality is pretty phenomenal, and the fit is excellent. I like the fact that the waist is not too short like some 2pc jackets.... :twocents:

When you first get it, you will freak out because it's so thick and will seem heavy. After a few rides though, it will soften up and really start to conform to the point where it fits like a 2nd skin. I have the GP style armor in mine, but can't feel it as it is all settled in the right spots...:p

Protection, fit and durability... :thumb:

10% surcharge if you don't want the big yeller logo patches... :thumbd:
Back protector pocket is a bit small imho...

I'm sure there are equivalent or better jackets, but mine has been worth every penny.

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i have there EXo Jacket with a perforated front. I added tpro shouldder armor into the exsisting GP armor they offer. Fits very well. Best leather ive seen. Dainese is crap. alpinestars has decent stuff. Vanson is underrated.
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