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Here's a quick review of my latest MC related purchase:

Since has turned me into a sweat-wipes-off-road-rash-doesn't gear nazi :D , I decided that getting a back protector was long overdue. This was something that I felt that I particularly needed since my A-stars jacket had good protection everywhere...except for on the back.

I did a lot of looking around, reading reviews, and general research and had decided upon the Alpinestars Tech BP. It got good reviews and it was less expensive than the other brands I was looking at (Dianese, etc). Well, I was pretty much set to order that when during some "last minute" research I came upon an old thread where someone had mentioned the Velocity Gear stuff. I checked them out (again), and I sent them a few emails asking specific questions about fitment. I received a very prompt response, and all my questions were answered. After the succession of emails, taking into consideration their level 2 certified claim--and their price ($100)--I decided to take the plunge.

I could not be happier with the way the BP fits, and how it feels while I'm riding. Once moving I completely forgot it was there. Only when stopped at a stoplight did my brain remind me that I was wearing a thin turtle shell. This is not to say that it is uncomfortable; exactly the opposite in fact. Even when I was cognizant of wearing the BP it never irritated me or rubbed me the wrong way! (horrible pun, I'm sorry). The BP is also pretty thin (they claim 2.25 in at its thickest), so you don't look like a hunchback while wearing it.

In conclusion, if anyone is looking for a back protector, I highly recommend checking out Velocity Gear Body Armor The Lowest Cost Level 2 Armor in The World. The customer service was top notch, and the product quality and fit has exceeded my expectations. Oh, and I ordered it on a Monday and received it that Friday!

:cheers: and an A+ to Velocity Gear!

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Deftones156 & fl-929 Thank You both for your support of our products. You've done your research :)

As for the Ebay back protectors, one would have to know that body armor is not all created equal, regardless of looks. From fake CE certificates to fake CE labels there are many inferior (identical) products in terms of motorcyclist body protection. Bohn would be a good example here.

Dainese is another example of visual impressions:

they sell a back protector that is identical to ours, right? Well, at least in terms of looks. However, from a CE certification standpoint that particular model absorbs 50% less than our particular unit. Not to mention their aluminum inner core structure....

Anyway, for those looking for personal protection we have one suggestion. Do your Research!

Don't believe a magazine ad, a company slogan or otherwise. Know the facts and be protected.
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