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A couple of months back I bought a Veypor on Ebay. I thought I was getting
a VR2 but it was the first model but since it was half new price I went
ahead with the deal even though the vendor offered a full refund.

There is a bit of a learning curve but this device does a lot so you
would expect that. The user input interface is what you would expect
of a multifunction computer that has only two buttons but you get by
surprisingly well.

I haven't used it on the track yet. In fact I haven't even done a standing
quarter but I've done a couple of 0-60s. The first showed 2.76 but it
turned out I hadn't calibrated the accelerometers so that may be inaccurate.
After calibrating them I did a 3.2 but according to the log I only moved 1
meter in the first second so it may have been triggered by the vibrations
before the run.

The fuel consumption guage seems reasonably accurate (within 5%) which
isn't too bad when you learn that it doesn't actually plug into the ECU and
works everything out from tacho, speed and acceleration plus user input
on bike/rider weight and tank fills.

The datalogging is pretty interesting too. For example after a 0-60 run
you can show graphs of distance against time, RPM/time, horsepower/time
and a whole lot more. I've attached some samples

One thing that is really impressive about the Veypor is the attitude of
Non-Linear Engineering who make them. They have a user forum where
you can suggest new ideas or report software bugs and they are pretty
quick to act on them. You then download the new version of the firmware
for free which takes about 2 minutes.

I will post more data after my next track day or as I do more with it.
You can read more here.
Usual disclaimer: I have no financial interest etc - but they do have a referrral
rewards program although that isn't why I've written this.

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Er the attachments didn't make it first time.
Prolly cause they were huge .bmp files.
Trying again with jpgs

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For my needs, this is a much better option over any mychon model. The fuel guage is a very nice addition as well. When I get around to completing my 1992 CBR600 project, this will be used instead of purchasing a new or used instrument guage cluster. Let us know if there's anymore input you have on this product.
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