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It really irritates me that most companies are now manufacturing their two piece leather suits with a joining zipper that is attached to the jacket via a piece of stretchy elastic material.

The last thing I want if I fall off my bike is for the jacket to seperate from the pants even a fraction, let alone the amount these stretchy sections move which exposes your lower back to the tarmac, not to mention the stretchy material itself which is not very strong and would wear through quickly.

To make matters worse most of the time the stretch panel is attached to the inner lining and not even stitched onto the leather! From a safety perspective it defies logic. :huh:

Only a few vendors have models that still use a zip that is stitched directly onto the leather but even then most of their other stuff uses the stretch panel.

I'm looking to buy some new leathers as my Alpinestar TZ-1's have been through several tumbles and need replacing. TZ-1's aren't available anymore, and the new TX-1 uses softer leather and the zipper stretch panel. Vomit. Most Dainese now use the stretch panel. Shift, Spidi (with the exception of one suit that didn't fit), Rjays and Joe Rocket all use the zipper stretch panel. :crap:

Perhaps I'm being ridiculous in expecting safety aspects relating to the two piece join and if I was serious about safety would get a one piece. Well, maybe. But I don't think it's too much to ask that they pay better attention to the jacket and suit join and make sure it doesn't move around in the event of a crash.

I want another TZ-1. :(

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I beleive they use the elastic band to give you further mobility. I think it's a compromise - just as is the case of a 2pc suit in the first place. In a full 1pc race suit: you'd have a leather stretch panel on your lower back which you just can't use on a 2pc suit.

I think the elastic band is "good" only when it's been anchored to something more significant than the liner like the leather. It's absolutely rediculous to attach the pants to a heavy elastic band and then to a thin liner (which is how my JR GPX is attached). I don't have too much fear of the elastic band tearing as it feels very hefty and shouldn't be subjected to the road-rash unless you're sliding feet-first on your back and the back of your jacket pulls up to reveal it to the road. But then: even if it's held on with leather - how well will the zipper itself hold up to the road?

My 2cents? Get a full 1pc suit if you're really concerned about this. 2pc suits are all about compromise.
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