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Will Honda Create a Big Red Sport Model?

  • Yes!

    Votes: 7 43.8%
  • No!

    Votes: 5 31.3%
  • Don't think so, but I'm hoping!

    Votes: 4 25.0%

Will Honda create a sport UTV?

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There have been a couple of rumors but let us know if you think Honda will create a sport model of the Big Red?
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I believe that competition will force them to create a sport model.
I sure hope so, I love Honda products and will hold out for one :)
I believe that if they don't they are giving up a lot of market share for no reason. Yamaha is about to announce a new one as well.
Yeah and the RZR S is really hot right now so I think they would be missing the boat!
My prediction. By the end of next year, all the majors will have a sport UTV/Side x Side
fantastic machine and with a little more power and slight lift and a little bit of lifting underneath ( cross bars are to low ), it will be even better!
I really wish they would concentrate on fixing the one they have… i.e. the Big Red. I would love to be on a team to redesign the BR to make it much much much better. The first major thing they need to do is to complete replace the running gear with the “rubicon” drive chain; but a much larger engine. This would give you the ability to have a high range and low range, very smooth shifting, and most of all, the ability to go down a steep grade without being totally dependent on your brakes to slow you down.

Next, redesign the cab so that you can enclose it during the winter and rain. There is absolutely no way to stop the water from coming in the front during a hard rain.

Never the less, there is a ton of things to do to make it better; it’s great… but it could be so much better.

I would be interested on what everyone else thinks?
We had a thread going on this before, take a look

Those with physical limitations could really use the power steering option.
Thanks... I will take a look; I agree about the Power Steering... the Rubicon has it!
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