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Howdy and welcome from Northern Iowa
It all depends on the winch model/brand, and what will fit I suppose.
Many owners will buy an extra, have it with their winch kit, and add it if needed.
But, the more wraps you have on the drum, the less pulling power you have.
The less wraps on the winch drum, the more pulling power you have.
Found this to help explain
Automotive tire Font Gas Cylinder Circle

Or use a snatch block.
FYI the below diagram is not totally accurate.
Yes, a snatch block does double the pulling power, BUT, every snatch block added to your pulling system reduces your pulling power by 10% do to the friction of going around the sheave. Add 2 snatch blocks, 3 times the pulling power, but, 10% + 10%, is also a 20% reduction in pulling power.
Font Auto part Technology Engineering Tool

Have a good day
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