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Wired Rocker with Wireless Controller?

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My '16 model 1000-5 Deluxe came with a FieryRed 4.5K winch and wireless winch control. I want to either replace the wireless, or add a winch rocker switch on the panel but am unsure if I can add control wires from the switch to the winch relay while leaving the wireless control wired as well? If not, I'm happy to disconnect the wireless and use the rocker switch exclusively.

Any assistance is appreciated!
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Howdy and welcome from Northern Iowa
I am not familiar with a FieryRed winch.
So, a few questions/requests
1) Does the winch contactor have the remote control unit built in?
2) Can you take a few pics of it and post here?
If it has the standard/normal winch contactor, you can add a remote and a switch if you want.
I have both.
My winch that came with "Wild Blue", was only wired.
I had a switch on the dash, and a PLUG in remote.
I added this wireless remote.
"Wireless Winch Remote Control Kit"
Read through it, it might help you.
Have a good day
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Thanks Mark,

The winch contactor is separate from the winch wireless controller, both of which are under the hood. The wireless controller has four small-gauge wires that lug to the contactor, presumably one activates winch in, and one for winch out, ground and positive(?).

I think you've helped answer my question. I believe I can lug the wired controller to the winch contactor and use both wireless and wired, but obviously not simultaneously. I'll try and see if I get any adverse reactions.

Thanks again. My wife is an Iowan, but from Council Bluffs area. Blessings!
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