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I read many articles about these gloves and how well they work so I purchased a pair. SO, I wanted my fellow Firebladers to know how well they worked. To sum it up they are excellent for the 1 hour and 30 minutes ride I have to work in San Diego, CA. cold. I'm not a cold weather person and these gloves keep my hands very comfortable for my winter rides

Report 1:
55 degrees out this morning at 6:10am when leaving from Oceanside to Coronado Island (50 miles one way on the freeway). Batteries fully charges and the switch set to "3" (hotest). When I arrived at work 7:15 my fingers were very warm and I could tell the heating plates in the glove tips were still very warm considering the spec.'s of the gloves state 2 hours max use at setting "3". My speed was between 30 MPH and 85MPH for the distance.

The best part about these gloves is that if I wanted to feel the heat on my finger tips I would press my fingers against the inside of the clutch or brake levers for a quick shot of warmth. Plus when I was driving 85MPH I could feel the heat vice cold wind flowing ever so slighlty past my finger tips.

Tomorrow I plan on riding in with them at setting "2" to see if I get the same results.

My inpression: I typically ride with 2 pairs of gloves (cotton gloves stuffed inside thick ski gloves) and my finger tips would have been freezing and hurting on a ride like today YET for $250 the pain was not there (for good I'm betting).

Report 2:
Left for work at 6:30AM (temp about 55 degrees and cloudy) Set the gloves to "2" (medium setting) rode about 20 minutes to meet Chris to ride into work and my fingers were cold when I stopped. SO I switched them to "3", the hightest setting, and rode the remainding 45 miles and my finger were once again toasty when arriving to work.

Final conclusion:
- Very comfortable gloves
- Keeps all my finger tips warm in 55 degree weather for at least 1.5 hours on the highest setting (and I do mean warm)
- Even after the battery is expended the gloves are warm as ski gloves
- Don't even notice the battery weight when wearing and riding; even doing 85-90 MPH the gloves were solid and didn't move nor did the battery.
- A draw string at the end of the glove gauntlet snugs the glove to your jacket keeping movement of the glove to nearly nothing.

- Expensive at $250 ( free shipping
- Ok for the twisties but you loose some feeling of the handlebars.

Tired of cold finger tips on 2 hours rides in 55 degree weather, buy the gloves. Or buy them for skying (their water resistant)

BIG NOTE: when charging the gloves leave them on the charger until the red light on the charger flashes. Other places that have instructions about charging the gloves state 6 hours max charging but I email the company and they say charge till the light flashes. I did not do this prior to writing my first "Report" which is why the gloves batteries did not last as long as they should have.
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